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Our Focus

Financial Empowerment

We plan to alleviate poverty in Liberia, ranked one of the top 20 poorest each year, for decades by teaching financial planning while also creating opportunities for gainful employment.  

Education and Mentorship

We must empower youth and women in a nation with one of the lowest rates for education access and attainment in the world, especially for women and girls. We also believe in mentoring, tutoring, and apprenticeship prepares youth for greater success. 

Health and Wellness

We plan to strengthen a weakened healthcare system that is unable to meet the needs of the majority of the population while also addressing the cultural and societal factors that contribute to poor health and wellness.

Job Creation

We understand that stimulating an economy with a very low rate of gainful employment is important for the country and its citizens. We plan to do our part through a series of sustainable business initiatives and community-based projects that create steady streams of income for Liberians. 

We hope to stimulate diaspora engagement in the following sectors.