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Our Story

LIASPORA was conceived in 2017 by British-Liberian psychology graduate Sophronia Powers and Abner Bropleh - Liberian-American healthcare professional. Having completed her degree, Sophronia who had always longed to give back to Liberia but had not yet returned began searching for answers to how she could help solve Liberia's problems. As Abner traveled to and from Liberia he began to share potential solutions to problems Liberia was facing. They saw a need for the Liberian diaspora to be involved in Liberia's development but realized there were many barriers preventing the diaspora from giving-back on a large scale in a sustainable way. Together they developed a platform to encourage and facilitate diaspora engagement where Liberians from all over the diaspora could connect and contribute their resources, ideas, knowledge, and skills to Liberian society while collaborating with those residing in Liberia - and thus LIASPORA was born.