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We seek to foster a positive community and network, we provide a medium to communicate with like-minded Liberians of various backgrounds living all over the World through our members' forum and events.


We manage and support awareness and social advocacy campaigns to contribute to the betterment of Liberian societies through various mediums and partnerships with Civil Society Groups and Social Movements.

Donation Collecting

Our programs and initiatives require resources to run. We make it possible for you to provide support through monetary donations and supplies. We also want you to see the impact of your donation. Any amount is appreciated!


We support empowerment in communities by granting scholarships to students, awarding grants to businesses and other types of monetary investments. We also partner with various specialists, professionals, and NGOs to invest in our communities through service-based specific needs.


Service Programs

Our service and volunteer programs and initiatives give provide you with an opportunity to use your gifts, talents, expertise, passions, etc. to directly impact Liberian communities positively while building collaborative relationships with Liberian communities, businesses, and individuals.




Arts & Culture

We celebrate and support Liberian arts and culture. We acknowledge its importance in our society and the need for its promotion to not only Liberian communities but the world.

As a start-up organization, we plan to work in phases.

We are currently in Phase 1.


Phase 1: Membership, Fundraising, Partnerships and Planning


  • Liaspora hopes to grow our membership base in order to carry out volunteer/service activities, events, forums, etc. in sectors which reflect the professions and passions of our members while also being keen on the issues that face Liberia. In the meantime, our current volunteer initiatives will involve activities that do not require specialist knowledge or skill.


  • Liaspora's team is looking forward to partnering with Liberian-owned businesses, individuals, organizations, and initiatives to launch projects that are pertinent to Liberian society-at-large.


  • Liaspora is funded by membership fees, sponsors, and generous donors, like you!. Our funds are primarily used to fund projects which directly impact our core sectors: health, education, financial empowerment, and social advocacy. As our operations increase, we hope to garner more funding for essential projects, collaboratives, and initiatives. The remainder of our budget is allocated to the regular maintenance of our organization.